Monday, February 2, 2009

Victory #2!

Tonight we took on the Members Only jackets of Veni Vidi Bocce. They've picked up a Sweet Meat for the new season and were a finalist last season, so I don't need to tell you that they can hold their own. But we took it to them anyway, despite being short a couple of fowl.

Game 1 started off aces as we built a 6-0 lead. Newcomer Nancy was once again making her case for Rookie of the Year. Then it got dicey. They clawed back to 6-3 and were in position to get more points before an errant ball gave us the win. Hey, we're not choosy, so we'll take it. The less said about Game 2 the better, other than that Ezra needs to stop lifting weights or start playing more long games. It was an ugly 1-7 defeat. Game 3 looked like trouble, too, as Marc and Mooney came in on a new side in put us in a 1-2 hole. But Yu and I scraped a point together and then a perfectly executed "take the Pollino to the back" move by the boys gave us a 4-spot. It was academic from there as Yu played long and made a great opening shot from which the VVB boys could not recover.

A winning streak to start the season! That's more like it. The Wildfowl will be looking to peck the eyes out of JTBP next week. Beware the caw!

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