Friday, January 16, 2009

The "Caw" Tolls for Thee

It looks like 2009 might be the year of the Wildfoul. Yesterday, birds attempted to take down an entire jet in a blatant act of terrorism (thwarted by Sully the pilot, fortunately for all involved). While we support Marauding in most of it's forms, the kind that end with death and destruction are not cool (some light pillaging in the form of a missing piece of luggage or two would have been acceptable). And in football, the Cardinals, Eagles and Ravens are still alive for a shot at the Super Bowl. Bill Simmons mentions this tidbit in today's column:

So you have the Cardinals beating the Seahawks in Week 17, then the Falcons in Round 1, and now, potentially, the Eagles in the NFC title game. Meanwhile, if the Ravens topple the Steelers, then the Cardinals could potentially beat every other NFL team with a bird nickname during their improbable five-game winning streak to capture the Super Bowl, and if that's not enough, birds took down Thursday's U.S. Airways flight heading from New York to Charlotte ... the city that's home to the team Arizona beat five days ago in Round 2.

Eerie, no? If I were you, I'd be wagering on the Wildfoul taking the Floyd Bocce Championship now while the odds are still good.

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