Monday, March 9, 2009

Wildfowl to Jump Arthur Boccerelli's Shark

Things have been a bit quiet around The Nest recently. In their infinite wisdom, the Floyd schedulers gave us a complete month off between games. Our last outing ended in the triumphant thrashing of the JTBP, 7-0, 7-4. Like a hawk circling at 200 ft., we saw their tiny rodent form on the ground below and swooped in for a quick snack before our mini-hibernation (note to self: do birds hibernate? Check Wikipedia).

With the return of warmer weather we would like to welcome back our migratory brethren who wintered in Mexico or Brazil or Del Boca Vista. I think you'll find things mostly as you left them, with the Marauding Wildfowl poised to peck the living shit out of every team in our path. Tonight's unlucky recipient is Arthur Boccerelli and the Happy Days who, at 0-3, currently sit at the bottom of the league table. It is our intention to keep them there, sitting on the egg of victory until it hatches into a chick that we will feed with our own regurgitated nourishment until it is strong enough to take its its fledgling foray into the world. That should happen around the end of April - perfect timing for the coming of the playoffs and our majestic flight to a championship. And nothing except the onset of bird flu or the opening of hunting season can stop us.

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