Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wyldefoulz on the prowl

With a new season upon us and several new team members taking wing (just wait - the bird metaphors have only just begun), the Marauding Wildfowl swooped in to take on the BocceGalupes on Monday night. Monday night is undergoing a transition as a lot of older teams have moved to different days or are taking a season off. But Boccelism - the defending champs, 5-time winners and long-time rivals - are still around, giving the league a necessary villain and our team a target to shoot for.

It turns out we had a connection to the Galupes which got usSo it was good to see the new folks come out firing. I don't know everyone's bird nicknames yet, but Nancy was on fire the whole game and she and Neal capture 3 points in 2 rounds, while Yu and I managed to get 4 in our only turn as we took the first game 7-0.

Game 2 saw the return of the veterans as Kaci, Hawkeye and Wild Turkey and despite some early season jitters/suckitude, we were able to make a convincing 7-2 statement. Nancy was again in mid-season form, nailing every shot. We may have stumbled onto a gold mine.

All-in-all, a great start. The main contentious issue is the team name. No one seems to love it, but no seems to despise it either. There was some discussion of dropping the "Marauding" and of how to spell the second part. The consumption of alcohol may have had something to do with the determination to change "fowl" to "foul" and to spell Wild with a "y". The "z" may have been my idea, along with the pursuit of some sort of Mountain Dew sponsorship. We don't play again for 3 weeks, so perhaps there will be some sort of finalization before that. Either way, should be a fun season.

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  1. Kaw! Kaw! I'm quite impressed with the skills of our new teammates.